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Lava Universal Flat Internally Wastegated Turbo Blanket – Long


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Product Description

The Thermal Zero Universal Flat Internally Wastegated Turbo Blanket fits a very large variety of turbochargers.  To get an idea of size it was originally designed to fit on Aftermarket Subaru turbochargers that are near the TD05/TD06 sizing.  We acutally make two different lengths of this blanket (short: part number TZ1155 and long: part number TZ1195).

This blanket is a three layer design consisting of a heavy 6 pound density 1/2″ thick ceramic wool inner layer construction that easily handles 2500°F.  This is sandwiched between a heavy duty pulverized lava rock fiber outer layer and a protective stainless steel knitted wire mesh inner layer.  The entire blanket is extremely durable and very well built by hand here in the USA.

Our Lava line of blankets are different from our other turbo blankets in that they feature an outer jacketing that is made from an extremely heavy duty and high quality pulverized lava rock fiber instead of silica impregnated fiber.  This lava material is actually different than what any other turbo blanket manufacturer uses in that it features an aluminum bonded layer on the inside of the blanket to further reflect the small amount of radiant heat which makes it through the ceramic layer.  With this combination of materials we have seen up to 90% efficiency out of a Lava blanket on certain applications.

Generally speaking if you own a turbo subaru and still have the OEM turbocharger then this blanket will fit.  If you upgraded the turbo to a larger exhaust housing yet still retain the internal wastegate design then you need the long version.  Easy enough right?  We have been selling this pattern blanket for years and have yet to hear a bad remark about it. It fits a whole lot of turbos very well and does one simple job very well also.  That is holding heat in away from surrounding lines and components and allowing the turbo to spool noticeably faster thus making power.

Ditch the stock heat shield that does nothing for you and install one of these blankets.

Suggested Turbocharger Models:
ATP GTX3076R Garrett GT3076R IHI VF22 IHI VF23 TD05 18G
TD05 20G TD06 18G TD06 20G Greddy T518Z FP Green HTA
FP BLACK HTZ Blouch Dominator 1.5XT-R
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